Keilhauer Morley Review

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The Keilhauer Morley was designed by Mark Kapka with shoulder freedom in mind while still supporting the spine from the thoracic region through the lumbar region.  It features “Pelvic Balance Point” technology which addresses the differences in how men and women sit, and allows the chair to be comfortable for both.


Arms feature height, depth, pivot, and lateral adjustments (the lateral adjustment is at the base of the arms)

– Tilt lock

– Forward tilt option

– Adjustable back height

– Seat depth adjustment

Keilhauer Morley side view
Keilhauer Morley side view


The Morley is a comfortable chair.  The seat is supportive yet relatively flat and allows for a variety of sitting postures.  If you’ve read my reviews, you know one of my pet peeves in a task chair is when the back is too restrictive and limits shoulder/scapula mobility and forces you into a hunched forward posture; fortunately, the Morley has no problems here.  The back curves out a bit at the top to allow not only a comfortable seated position but also shoulder freedom.

There is no adjustable lumbar support per se, but the entire back moves up and down so you can position the curved part at the correct spot on your back for optimal support.  It works and it’s comfortable, but it’s not quite the same effect as having a separate lumbar support mechanism.

Keilhauer gets bonus points for putting forward tilt on this chair.

The knee tilt recline is comfortable and the tension is easily adjustable.

Keilhauer Morley upholstered
Keilhauer Morley with upholstered back


– Has all the adjustments of more expensive competitors and has forward tilt

– Room for your shoulders to move around

– Available without arms


No dedicated lumbar support (while the back adjust up and down, that’s not quite the same)

– Not as modern-looking as some other chairs (if you care about aesthetics)


A highly-adjustable chair that is a price point below some of the more well-known ergonomic chairs out there.

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