Humanscale FM100 Foot Rest Review

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The Humanscale FM100 is an entry level footrest with an adjustable angle designed to support the feet and take pressure off the back.


– Hardwood foot rest on a metal frame

– Adjustable angle

– Non-skid surface to keep it from sliding across the floor


The FM100 is a pretty basic foot rest.  It supports your feet at whatever angle you want.  It stays put and doesn’t slide across the floor.

It doesn’t rock smoothly like the FM300B or the FM500, but it’s a basic foot rest and isn’t designed to have all the bells and whistles.  It looks nice and feels solid.


– Wood and metal construction

– Angle adjustable

– Non-skid plates keep it where you want it


– Not height adjustable

– No massage balls

– Doesn’t allow you to rock your feet back and forth while working


You have a few options: if you just want a basic footrest there are some other models by other companies that are basically identical to this one in design except they are plastic instead of wood and therefore not as nice, but they are also less than half the price.  But if you’re going to spend the money for this one, you might as well spend $15 more and get the FM300B instead.

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