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Humanscale FM100

Humanscale FM100 Foot Rest Review

The Humanscale FM100 is an entry level footrest with an adjustable angle designed to support the feet and take pressure off the back. FEATURES/OPTIONS: - Hardwood foot rest on a metal frame - Adjustable angle - Non-skid surface to keep

Humanscale FM500

Humanscale FM500 Footrest Review

Designed to support the feet and legs while working, the Humanscale FM500 features curved “feet” to allow for an easy rocking motion which will help promote circulation. FEATURES/OPTIONS: - Available in natural wood or black - Aluminum legs with rubber

Humanscale FM300B

Humanscale FM300B Footrest Review

The Humanscale Foot Machine is designed to allow gentle movement of the feet while providing support at varying angles and has built in massage balls to massage tired feet. FEATURES/OPTIONS - The FM300 has 3 non-skid pads on the surface