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Keilhauer Sguig

Keilhauer Sguig Review

Designed by the Austrian design team EOOS, the Keilhauer Sguig is designed to be ergonomic while still providing freedom of shoulder movement and also employs “Pelvic Balance Point” technology to provide optimal support for both men and women. FEATURES/OPTIONS: -

Keilhauer Morley

Keilhauer Morley Review

The Keilhauer Morley was designed by Mark Kapka with shoulder freedom in mind while still supporting the spine from the thoracic region through the lumbar region.  It features “Pelvic Balance Point” technology which addresses the differences in how men and

Keilhauer Junior front view

Keilhauer Junior Review

Every so often a chair comes around that challenges what you think you know about seating.  Designed by Tom Deacon, the Keilhauer Junior does just that.  This chair has a back unlike anything else on the market that may likely